When RJD2 exploded onto the stage in a black hand sequined jumpsuit and an imposing black welder’s mask, we knew we were in for something special. We waited with baited breath as the creature onstage picked out an escalating prologue on his découpaged midi pad. When the sound fizzled out following a glitch from the pad, RJ offered us a simple explanation: “That’s what happens when you make shit yourself.”

The Tuesday set at Brooklyn Bowl—he played 2 sold out nights— was a lushly textured sonic melee and a sampling of all we love best about RJ. In addition to playing songs from as far back as his 2002 debut Deadringer, a huge amount of stage time was devoted to live musicians. The set featured Chuck Palmer on drums and a live cello performance by Dave Eggar in addition to a series of songs with Vocalist Jordan Brown, rapper STS, and DJ Bear One.

D.V.S*, who opened the show, delivered a similar mix of live instrumentation and digital process—often reaching over the neck of his guitar to meddle with the musical alchemy occurring across his soundboard. The Austin-based guitarist-producer played a set featuring live saxophone, organ, drums, and even a violin.

By:Alexandra Blair
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