Swedish pop icon Robyn’s first-ever-show at Madison Square Garden on March 8, 2019, was perhaps not unintentionally on International Women’s Day.  It also so happened to fall on a Friday, which was perfect, because Robyn fans know one of the best things you can do in life on a Friday night is put on some sequins and go dancing.  Besides having a younger fan-base for one of the best album releases of 2018, Robyn has huge longstanding LGBT following and they were at Madison Square Garden in force.
Robyn emerged like a silvered and nipply greek goddess from billowing white mist in a set design covered in soft white fabrics.  It wasn’t more than a song before the entire crowd, from pit to roof, was standing up and ‘getting down’. Costume change interludes were filled with the eye-candy of a stunning male dancer.  During ‘Love is Free’ Robyn brought out Maluca and the two performed the song in its entirety as they occasionally fondled the dancer. There was a sheer childlike joy in Robyn’s eyes during her mid-set placed hit ‘Dancing on My Own’ as 18,000 happy New Yorkers sang her lyrics back to her.  For the closer, Who Do You Love? (Joakim Remix), Robyn flirted with a bouquet of long stemmed roses, before eventually tossing them into the crowd.
Thanks Robyn, for the rare transformation of Madison Square Garden into a sparkly, fabulous, rave.
Astrida Valigorsky


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