There’s something refreshing in entering a venue on a Sunday evening to a half-full room with two sole individuals commanding a stage. I walked into Music Hall of Williamsburg right on time as Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada, the duo that make up Salt Cathedral, played their first song. I thought to myself “great, there should be no problem getting to the front.” I was mistaken.

It’s not to say that the crowd was the type that stood broad-shouldered with feet planted, but these early worms made it a point to be up front and center, which I loved. There were no stragglers scattered about the yet-to-be-filled dance floor, everyone’s eyes and ears were focused on these two pulsating individuals on stage.

Ronderos and Losada breathed confidence into every minute of their half an hour set. Ronderos’ voice danced over the heavy bass drum (provided by backing tracks) just as much as she actually glided across the stage. Losada provided guitar licks and melodies that were ethereal one moment and the next, as hard-hitting as the phantom bass lines. They filled the stage with two giant white circles that looked like giant kick drums that lit up with various colors with every pulsing beat. Their sound is so unique that it took me half a song to realize that they were covering Destiny Child’s “Say My Name.” If they don’t have a studio version of their rendition, they should get on that. Fast.

By the end of their set, it was no surprise that the room had filled considerably. Filled with fans eagerly awaiting headliner Tei Shi, and new fans of Salt Cathedral, excited to see where these two take their sound and powerful stage presence next.