Sajeeb Saha or better known as Jai Wolf has been playing music since the age of 5, starting with the violin. Later in his life, in high school he became a New York all state performer. Gaining notoriety by remixing Skrillex’s “Ease my Mind”, without authorization, Skrillex became impressed with his work and produced that track on his album. After linking up with the ODESZA dudes, this DJ is making waves. His hit single “Indian Summer” has just shy of 6.8 MILLION, yes MILLION, plays on YouTube.


I discovered Jai Wolf accidentally on SoundCloud, it was a promoted “Check this Song” and was hooked right away. My taste in this style of music is pretty picky, but when it comes to Jai Wolf, I’m enamored. His 80’s style synth, mixed vocals, and just overall good sound, gives me goosebumps just describing. Other writers are comparing him to super talents like Flume, Skrillex and ODESZA, which is extraordinarily high praise. And I’m in full agreement. That’s heavy, and exactly why I’m pumped to see Jai Wolf at Vulcan Gas company this Wednesday November 30th in austin, Texas.

If you need me Wednesday night, don’t. Ill be taking photos and floating in my own head of chill as fuck music. I know I won’t be the only one in their own world as he spins his tracks. If you’re not in Austin, check out the other tour dates here. In the meantime, get with “Indian Summer“.