I feel like there’s nothing better than bonding over music—this is why I consider myself an audiophile. When I was in college, circa 2009-ish, I started living with some kids I had never met before. As we were getting to know each other, we spent time getting stoned and playing music for each other. One rapper I happened to play for my new roomies was Matisyahu. We instantly connected over our shared love for his music, became instant friends, and still keep in touch today.

Fast forward to today and I’m absolutely stoked, because I’ve stumbled on the opportunity to photograph Matisyahu next week in Austin, at the legendary Stubbs BBQ. Not only is it one of my favorite venues to shoot, but I’m pretty sure I’ll spend the evening with permanent goosebumps while I reminisce on the fun times I had 10+ years ago. Not to mention, I’ll get to rub it into my friends’ faces.

I know I’m not the only one pumped for this show, and if you haven’t heard about this upcoming performance, you better buy your tickets soon. I’m looking forward to being consumed by Matisyhau’s passion and inspirational lyrics. I’m also crossing my fingers he will perform “One Day” of his “Light” album from back in 2010. If so, I will likely lose my shit. See you there, and as always, stay tuned for photos and full review!