Going to a show? Not familiar with the opening acts? What do you do? Listen to them on [insert your streaming service of choice] to familiarize yourself with one or two songs. Got it. Think that’ll prepare you for Sonnymoon? Ha, think again.

Sonnymoon is comprised of Anna Wise and Dane Orr for their studio albums, and joined by the electric J Hoard for their live shows. Their sound beckons the listener to enjoy a mini voyage. The beats and the melodies aren’t delivered outright, but if you allow Anna Wise’s beautiful voice to guide you, you’ll be rewarded with a groove that simply just fits.

If you pay close attention, they give away this delayed groove with dance moves that are seemingly out of place. They sway and shake to an ethereal drone, only to be right on beat when the song kicks in two full minutes later. It’s captivating to say the least.

My new friends around me stood with their mouths agape at times with the slightest hint of a smirk. We were impressed by their harmonies and sheer talent, refreshed by the uniqueness of their sound, and overall thankful for being a part of a very special night of music.

Check out their music when you get the chance, but also find a video or two to fully grasp the full impact of their performance.