Khruangbin just pulled up on Instagram and dropped this dub album Hasta El Cielo on us for the weekend, and if you love them and you love dub, you now have a lovechild you’re gonna extra love. Soaked with reverb, space stabs, that beautiful Laura Lee bass sound and Donald Ray “DJ” Johnson Jr’s crackley snares, this remix is sooo right. The beautiful guitar work of Mark Speer has been pushed more to the rear of the mix, and still MORE reverb was added to build the infinite space and dreaminess of the dub sound we love so much. And is that a motherfuckin Scientist collabo at the end???? This album is a win for the weekend, but we give the MVP award to the lovely Laura Lee, whose steady and smooth bass work was always a fit for dub, and acts as the glue for this work in a way even more obvious than on their previous releases. Khruangbin, if you’re listening, we don’t want to sound greedy, but more please?