Stolen Jars, the wildly ambitious indie project comprised of Cody Fitzgerald, Molly Grund and friends, is a blend of tangled guitar phrasing and soft, folk-like croons inspired by acts like Sufjan Stevens, Dirty Projectors and The Dodos. With their second album, Kept (2015), finally released, the little musical collective climbed out of nesting and set foot on a tiny tour stopping at New York City’s lovable hole in the wall, Arlene’s Grocery. And as lead guitarist, Fitzgerald, plucked his strings like he’s made up of a menagerie of complex time signatures, Grund and her delicate vocal tonality gave the crowd, which was really fifty or so people in a dark room, a chance to consume their little lullabies as they grew into bold and inspiring chants.

In what often seems like an era of repetitive musical acts, it’s nice to witness a band try to find their own original sound. With Kept, Stolen Jars have taken a giant step in the right direction. Lets just hope they can keep on the path.

Check out photos from the show in the gallery above, and if you’re just finding out about them now, Kept is available with a name-your-price option on Bandcamp: