It was just one of those moments that make it all seem worth it. Here I am sitting across from one of my favorite artists, drinking cheap beer and being able to tell him how much his music has meant to me. But let me back up a few hours.

As I made my way down Ludlow and headed to Pianos, I began a mental fact check in my head going through everything I knew about the Summer Heart.

I stepped into the venue and remembered one very specific fact about him. His tracks have gotten over 5 million plays through various channels, but yet he is about to take the stage in a venue that holds under 200 people. It just doesn’t make any sense.

The Summer Heart is the solo project of Swedish native, David Alexander. Thanks to Hype Machine and other discovery facets of the internet, his psychedelic guitar-pop has spread internationally. As soon as he gently approached the microphone, I instantly felt comfortable.

Experiencing the Summer Heart live is just like living inside a polaroid photo. Between the soothing keys and the layered guitars David and his best friend/touring partner create an intoxicating and enchanting soundscape.

David describes his own work with themes of psychedelia and nostalgia. At times during his set, you could see him lose himself while rocking with a massive grin across his face. The setlist ranged from songs that date all the way back to 2011, previewing the audience with new tracks, and of course classics like “I Wanna Go”. Everyone was cast under his spell.

After the show, I approached David and introduced myself. He quickly remembered me from the email interactions I have had the past few weeks with him and his manager. He told me, he would meet me by the bar for a drink. That’s when the fanboy inside me wanted to scream.

I waited for David for quite sometime but the idea of impatience left me immediately as I saw him shake every hand and genuinely speak to every person that approached him. Just as he sat down, my professionalism went out the window and the fan-boy inside me came out.

David is one of the most authentic and honest musicians I have ever met. All he cares about is people hearing his music, and many times he just thanked me for being there, and going to see him play. During our conversation he pulled out a tote bag, handed it to me and said, “People always tell me to not give these away for free, but I don’t see why not, I just want to thank you.”

Our conversation was more like a transaction of endless thank you’s. I was thanking him for creating incredible art and he was thanking me for just being there. Just so I can get the last word in, thanks again David.