Chop Suey ranks among my favorite music venues in Seattle. If you get to your show a little early you can sink into what looks like grandmas sofa next to one of those old, kooky fake fireplaces in the front bar appropriately called, The Den. It’s small enough and the stage is low enough to the ground that the bands can get cozy with the crowd. Even cozier than that sofa. And they always have great music on stage.  

The Lemon Twigs shocked the hell out of me with a sound whose soul is imbued with rock opera madness that you don’t see too often in 2016. Much less from teenagers. Combine that with moves most musicians take years to develop (we’re talking Mick Jagger level energy here) and I had to google-stalk them on the bus ride home. Turns out some of these guys have been on Broadway and on stage from a very young age. Yeah, makes sense now. Not every day you get to see Broadway stratum talent from 5 feet away. The Lemon Twigs are now firmly planted in my daily rotation.

Sunflower Bean came out shortly after and shot me back to the 90’s era of New Wave music and the influence it had on my young, elastic mind. To watch the young uns’ at this all ages show jamming and bopping their heads to a new interpretation of that sound dulled my old man hard edge and gave me a newfound hope in “kids these days.”  Their song “Easier Said” makes me want to skip out on life and hit the road with some junk food and windows opened wide.


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