On Saturday night the experimental rock quartet Suuns killed it with two sold-out shows at St. Vitus. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, the group is comprised of Ben Shemie on vocals and guitar, Liam O’Neill on drums, Max Henry on keys, and Joseph Yarmush, on bass and guitar. They’ve been creating music for about a decade now, with three full albums under their belt, Hold/Still being the most recent release in 2016.


Considering everything that is going on in the world and our political climate, Suuns provided the best soundtrack for how I have been feeling — that intense and deliberate manic energy, that feeling of buildup and resistance — have a listen to “Resistance” and you’ll see what I mean. They packed St. Vitus to the brim, surrounding us in an electrified blanket of sounds that left us buzzing and energized. They closed out the night with “Pie IX” — try to catch this group live if you can, it is an experience unlike any other.
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