Last week, Sophie Luo brought you a very insightful interview with Michael Gira. This weekend Swans played back-to-back sold out shows at Bowery Ballroom & Music Hall of Williamsburg. Here are some of the best moments brought to you by Sophie Luo & Pattrick Tabb.

Music Hall of Williamsburg – Sophie Luo

The Swans-Sophie-1 The Swans-Sophie-2 The Swans-Sophie-3 The Swans-Sophie-4 The Swans-Sophie-5 The Swans-Sophie-6 The Swans-Sophie-7 The Swans-Sophie-8 The Swans-Sophie-9 The Swans-Sophie-10 The Swans-Sophie-11 The Swans-Sophie-12 The Swans-Sophie-13 The Swans-Sophie-14 The Swans-Sophie-15 The Swans-Sophie-16 The Swans-Sophie-17 The Swans-Sophie-18 The Swans-Sophie-19 The Swans-Sophie-20 The Swans-Sophie-21 The Swans-Sophie-22 The Swans-Sophie-23

Bowery Ballroom – Patrick Tabb 

The Swans-Pat-1 The Swans-Pat-2 The Swans-Pat-3 The Swans-Pat-4 The Swans-Pat-5 The Swans-Pat-6 The Swans-Pat-7 The Swans-Pat-8 The Swans-Pat-9 The Swans-Pat-10 The Swans-Pat-11 The Swans-Pat-12 The Swans-Pat-13 The Swans-Pat-14 The Swans-Pat-15 The Swans-Pat-16 The Swans-Pat-17 The Swans-Pat-18 The Swans-Pat-19 The Swans-Pat-20 The Swans-Pat-21 The Swans-Pat-22