Someone dropped by DMNDR Studios and commandeered the stereo. Unknown Mortal Orchestra, an audio office pet at the time, was unceremoniously put to sleep in favor of  Grumby. We had heard Grumby before and wanted to know more, but attempts to reach them dead ended.

“Yo! you mofuckas gonna love this- these are my boys!”

Lee Campbell, official DMNDR OG and all around nice guy, was living in the height of his famed dreads period, sporting his long locks that would one day come to an end when the combined forces of unemployment and boredom conspired against him. But before he lost a little of his swag he made the intro to Grumby, joining DMNDR and this project ( we hope ) forever.

A couple years later we caught a Play Too Much show and HaRi MiNt was one of the acts. We missed his set so we made him an offer he couldn’t refuse; play a private session in Brooklyn for an audience of 2. We would offer to pay him in vegan food if he performed well, and summarily assassinate him if he sounded like shit. He  lives today. HaRi was the vocalist on the Grumby tracks we first heard years before, and many an evening was spent at the DMNDR office marveling at his talent. As HaRi smacked on 3 AM dinner we pieced together the puzzle and a few short weeks later had him and Grumby play a Lost In  Austin Session for DMNDR at SXSW.

Grumby’s smoothe sonic swag and lush ambiance pulled us right in, and the controlled power of HaRi MiNT ‘s vocals locked the door behind us. This is just a taste of their particular brand of magic, but more will be coming as this story continues to write itself. For now, enjoy “Anticipation”, filmed on the last day of our SXSW trip to Austin, Texas. A week of magic lingered in the room when Grumby and Hari Mint walked in, and the DMNDR crew was changed forever when we left.