Kevin Parker and his full band outfit, most commonly known as Tame Impala are having a whirlwind year. Our first taste of an evolved/post-Lonerism sound came in the form of three features on Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special. In typical Ronson fashion, he seems to bring out the best in the artists he works with, and the best is what we’ve gotten out of Tame Impala this year.

The decision to play the legendary Radio City Music Hall came as a surprise to me, other fans, and Parker alike. He admitted, “We were worried when they told us there’d be seats, it’s awesome to see you all standing!” Most are used to soaking in their psychedelic waves in crowds where you’re constantly being bumped and jostled– you know, the “concert experience.” However, as much as I am a secret lover of said “experience,” I much preferred having a dedicated space to move around in without a care. The sound was also impeccable. Parker’s vocals floated above our heads on the main level, to our friends’ in the mezzanine without any loss of quality. The drums also stole the show, whether on full blast or filtered through a low-pass, the amazing acoustics of Radio City encapsulated Tame Impalas sound perfectly. There literally isn’t a bad seat in the house.

The setlist was a solid mix of oldies and tracks from their newest album, Currents. It seems as if they actually had a formula [1 new jam + 2 oldies] and repeat until the encore. I personally believe that they could’ve played more tracks from the new LP. I can’t help but feel as if this tour is more of a proving ground than anything else. Parker took many risks on Currents, risks that were well worth the potential backlash for a “poppier” sound. They played it safe by sandwiching the newer songs in between tried and true favorites. Or maybe they chose a specific setlist to play to Radio City’s acoustics and classier atmosphere. Maybe they’ll bust out more club-ready jams on their second sold-out show at Terminal 5, a venue more fitting of the vibe.

After listening to these guys for years, becoming a fan of Kevin Parker as a producer, and playing Currents nonstop this summer — I have not a single negative thing to say about this experience. These humble Aussies deserve all of the praise and notoriety they’ve been receiving and I hope that it builds their confidence enough to take even more risks and just … Let It Happen.



Let It Happen

Mind Mischief

Why Won’t They Talk To Me?

The Moment

It Is Not Meant To Be


The Less I Know the Better


Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind

//Visualizer solo//

Cause I’m A Man

Alter Ego

Apocalypse Dreams


//Drum Jam + KP Venue Walk//

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control