Marsalis Darino chilled with Mick Jenkins and Smino and talked about  music and life when he caught up with them on Red Bull Sound Select’s A Quest For Love Tour. Here’s what he wants you to know, in bullets before the photo gallery.

-Mick Jenkins is a cool ass guy. His slogan is,” drink more water”. What a fucking great slogan right? Hydration is really important- who would even disagree with that?

-Mick Jenkins didn’t choose music, music chose him. He’s really into that whole let things flow, be chill, No rush mentality…and it seems to be working. Or it will. Eventually. It’s all good.

-Both Smino & Mick Jenkins are hard working artists that care deeply about their fans and making music that represents authentic life experiences. These are really real cats. Really.

-He travels with AmericanFosterChild as his background singers And DJ Esco is his DJ.
-They rep their hometown heavily and are known to be rocking dem Red + White Airforce 1’s.

-They got more tour dates and as always, DMNDR recommends you catch them live. Check dates here.

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