TDM3 Played Showbox Sodo in Seattle. Our man on the ground and TDM3 fan Kiko Toledo clapped eyes on the show for us and brought us back some frames for posterity’s sake. Here are his words and photos:


The Devil Makes Three showed up in my life on a long road trip from San Diego to Anchorage in a 1991 Ford Explorer somewhere in the Yukon Territory. Seemed a fitting soundtrack to a dirt road making do as a transcontinental highway and eating beanie weenies out of a can heated on a fire.

Judging by the crowd at their show, people from all walks of life have included TDM3 in their own soundtracks. There were the arm-swinging life-loving hippies with flowers in their wild hair; inked and greased rockabilly tough guys and good country folk from east of the Cascades just looking to stomp some dust off their boots. The bouncing mass of rockers congregated at the front and the couples looking for a closer dance migrated to the back. Seeing all these different styles and personas in one dance hall finding their own joy reminded of something ol’ Willie Nelson once said- “If you really want to get along with somebody, let them be themselves. “


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