On Friday March 3rd at Neumos in Seattle, Ty Segall took the stage for the second of 3 sold out shows. I magically secured the best spot in the house- right underneath his nose, where I happily bathed in showers of his spit as he shred his guitar like a beast.

The crowd to my left was going wild, moshing and pushing bodies onto the stage in an effort to get close to the enigmatic power of Ty Segall and his band. Never have I seen a band so visibly happy and turned on by their own music and the radiant leadership of Ty Segall; the four other musicians were grinning and laughing during the entire show, and I caught the keyboardist looking like he had just jizzed his pants. The crowd picked up on this pure joy and positivity from the band, and the room was alive with a united energy that only live music can create. Ty jammed out so hard that by the end of the show he had almost entirely lost his voice. He apologized profusely, but nobody cared; we all loved him anyway, his performance was still the highlight of our month, and the fact that he so clearly cared for all of us made him all the more incredible. 

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