Lorena Russi is not Andrew Bujalski. But she just released a short film that, if history is any indicator, should be trashed now and lauded later. Here at DMNDR we are proud to pay Lorena the ultimate compliment of thrusting her filmmaking career forward by trying our hardest to disparage it. After all, that is the role of the critic; to offer in deadpan seriousness the pathologically inaccurate assessment of art they did not create.

“The Russi Fam- Oct 25th, 2017″ is a 6 minute peek inside the life of a woefully uninteresting semi-adrogynously dressed woman. She does, literally, nothing. For 6 minutes. With her family. Who she doesn’t even bother to introduce. Who are these people? What do they do for a living? What makes them tick? What’s the point of all this? Is there a character development we should focus on? Perhaps a narrative? Questions linger with no answer remotely in sight. The Man who plays her father in this psychological thriller seems to have many glasses. One can only surmise they are used to read things. He has nothing more to say. Or more accurately, ” absolutely nothing”. There’s a woman who like’s cooking and Facebook, who must presume is her mother. The least Lorena could do is let this woman know about the obscure app that caters to both proclivities, called Instagram. Is she even her mother? We have no idea. All we know is that the filmmaker has repurposed the cell phone for filmmaking. Not quite a novel idea. Don’t even watch this film. There is nothing to see here.