Rising artist, THEY. has cultivated a unique following through steady single releases highlighting their smooth vocals and classically influenced R&B DNA. Last night they celebrated the release of Nü Religion HYENA, their first LP, in an intimate lower Manhattan party. Their stage? An alter, at once giving thanks, offering prayers for their future success and inviting their fans and collaborators to celebrate their release in a new community.

Ecstatic fans showed up for this one-of-a-kind release party and live in THEY.’s world for an evening. This is a world that takes the already blurry lines between genre, art and culture, and abstracts them further. With influences that range from Nirvana to New Edition combined with mentorship and tutelage from the legendary Timbaland, their sound challenges listeners to pin them down. Their LP title  Religion suggests manifold interpretations, perhaps even offering the need for an altogether different mindset, a paradigm shift that leaves space for this duo to simply “be”.  We’re with it. Sign us up for THEY.’s church.


Give a listen below and check out these photos from Neil Seejoor:

Written by: John Belitsky

Photos: Neil Seejoor





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