Steve Marion, otherwise known as Delicate Steve, plays and records each part of his songs himself, taking sounds to the next level of musical composition and skill. The meandering cords and bouncing guitar riffs create something tangible, like a physical landscape of music.

Delicate Steve’s latest album This is Steve, out just in January 2017, is almost an ode to the heyday of rock and roll; the album tips its hat to classic rock, with different songs reminding me of the The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty, but with a modern, electro flair. He throws in some classic reggae vibes and some disco beats as well.

At the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA on a Tuesday night, Delicate Steve has everybody boogying. Steve says himself that the room is full of good vibes; it’s a great crowd, a community of people coming out in full force to support fantastic live music. To add to the fun, near the end of the set the band brings on Seattle’s very own Jessica Dobson of the band Deep Sea Diver to rock out as a local guest.

On stage with a full band the magic of Delicate Steve is as strong as ever. The songs are like conversations between sounds and instruments, conjuring up nostalgia from a past life. Even though there are no lyrics, you somehow feel like you could sing along; words are not needed to capture the feeling.

Seeing Steve Marion perform is like watching a kid play with his favorite toy. That guitar is his best friend, and in his hands it is not an inanimate object; he brings it alive with sound, it becomes a being with personality who dances and jumps around stage with Steve. His songs do not deny any of the senses, capturing your entire body and mind with their whimsical, energetic power.

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