We’ve been following the journey of Long Island native TK The Architect ever since we first saw him and his band The Get Back Kids open for Non Stop To Cairo a few years back. Those who know TK will tell you that he’s been methodically grinding out his place amongst NY greats for many, many years with a painstaking approach to his craft aptly summarized with the moniker ” the Architect.”

In no small part, that grind is about defining who he is as an artist, where exactly his sound “fits in,” and building the space where this sound – a casual mix of influences from hip hop to pop — can live and flourish. TK’s sound occupies a space that feels a bit like a record balanced on its side, and he often speaks about straddling the line of ambiguity. He’s half Japanese, half Italian, he raps, plays guitar, and is heavily involved in various other projects (see the art collective CON TEMPLATE) — so where does he fit in? How do you keep that record balanced?

He’ll tell you himself that he doesn’t have the answer, which is exactly where the inspiration for his latest release, Blue Season comes from. During his performance at Currents Collide (an art show and live set co-produced by long time friend, Kimberly Young Sun) he explains to the crowd the inspiration for “If You Can.”

The song is about how social media makes us have to show our best selves all the time, and it’s fucking stupid. We’re human beings — half the time I wake up and I hate myself, and the other times I feel like a G.

Watch the full performance of “If You Can” below and stream the rest of Blue Season here. Check out TK live This Wednesday at Brooklyn Bowl.