Not only was this the first time newly Sydney based duo Vallis Alps were headlining a tour, but it was also the first time I was going solo to watch a band play. As an introvert, being alone in a crowded room is not something I would be the first to volunteer myself for. However, I decided seeing the electronic duo perform far outweighed any anxiety that I might experience, having been hooked on them from the first time I heard their dreamy song Young play on the radio.

Shortly after purchasing a cider, which both settled my anxiety and made me look a little less socially awkward, the band discreetly took the stage in the Danceteria at Goodgod Small Club. While the beginning of the set was a little shaky, once the pair had found their feet on the tiny stage and the nerves had eased, the crowd began engaging in a not-so-secret love affair with the duo.

By the third song, Oh!, everyone had their hands in the air and were swaying their hips, myself included, and singing in unison with Parissa, whose vocals were just as ethereal as heard on the EP. An especially beautiful moment during their set saw them covering Blood Bank by Bon Iver, which Parissa’s airy vocals and David’s percussive techniques did a lot of justice.

Naturally the show was closed with Young, at which point I had no business in caring that I was dancing by myself, and much less that I had came alone. David’s performance was nothing short of mesmerising; bouncing from keys to hitting pads and even breaking out the electric. Along with Parissa’s delicate vocal tones, the bass drops and the terrible tasting cider I truly had a wonderful time. Not only did the duo live up to my expectations and tug on my heart strings but they helped conquer my fear of attending a gig by myself. Kudos to you, Vallis Alps!

Review By: Lauren Sachs

Phillip Odgers & Lauren Sachs are DMNDR contributors based out of Sydney, Australia. Look out for continued transmission coverage from our newest contributors down under.