Tunji Ige and Michael Christmas returned to Boston’s legendary House of Blues to prove- yet again-that they are forces to be reckoned with. Opening for Christmas, Ige delivered his smooth lyrics as Boston-based DJ duo SuperSmashBroz came in with the beats from his latest masterpiece, Missed Calls. Christmas kept the energy going, his offbeat lyrics demonstrating his quirky humor and providing a bit of contrast to Ige’s more serious set. It wouldn’t be a true hometown show without Christmas bringing friend and fellow Boston rapper OG Swaggerdick (yes, that’s his real stage name) along for the ride. As OG danced and Snapchatted around the stage, Ige came out to help them close the show, a special gathering to show their love for the city. Ige in particular displayed a command of his craft beyond his years- this is a guy who was just a teenager making beats part time a few short years ago- now holding an audience as firmly as a microphone. We fully expect to see Tunji develop into a force of nature in 2017- check out his latest single “Mach One” and his early 2016 release Missed Calls below for affirmative evidence and tour dates here to see for yourself.

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