As a concert photographer I pride myself on having a broad spectrum of musical interests. That being said I was late to board the Warpaint train. Warpaint is a 4 piece, all female band from LA and are currently touring in support of their third album. The have some serious festival appearances already this year including Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo. I caught Warpaint’s Set last weekend at Fete Music Hall in Providence, RI and I had a blast. The set list contained music off all three albums and Kept the crowd dancing and singling alone from first song until last. In my short tenure as a fan of the band, I have been pushing the band on many of my friends. In terms of the show I caught, the lighting was very low and fell in line with the atmospheric outlines the girls continue to paint. Don’t Believe me? Look at the Album cover for their new album “Heads Up” and tell me the images of the live performance aren’t in line with the album artwork. See? Didn’t think so.

Deafmute opened the show by gently putting the crowd in a trance-state of happiness and confusion. Performing songs off his first EP “Sundowner” with a little help from Warpaint’s Lead singer Emily Kokal.


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