One of the first things you notice about Natalie Mering, aka Weyes Blood, is her deep- sounding speaking voice. Her voice is lower than most women’s, soothing and velvet, reaching deeper into your ears than you would imagine from a 1960s psychedelic dreamgirl. She has power in that voice. It resonates. The second thing you notice about her is her baby blue silk suit. She is rocking this vintage piece, seen on her latest album cover. She has a style and grace that makes you nostalgic for the past. People compare her to Joni Mitchell, yet she connects past and present with a modern, synthy sound. She jokes about us being the WiFi generation, smiling knowingly, yet her soulful voice mingling with trippy lights in an intimate venue, speaks of times once had when technology didn’t exist and live music brought people together. Her words, her music, and her presence are beautiful in a timeless way, and she sings of love, of loss, pays homage to iconic musicians we lost this year. You are transfixed. The crowd is utterly silent, still, not daring to breathe, lest they miss a moment.

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