This week we take you to Dunedin, New Zealand to drop in on electro-pop/soul artist Jack Berry. Jack Berry only has 2 tracks on Spotify, but his sound already has a strong sonic structure that marries reverb marinated guitar chords to filtered 808’s and soul inspired basslines. Dunedin is a small coastal city in New Zealand dripping with college kids and, apparently, a neo-surf rock and jam band mash up scene. Artists like Mild Orange, The Shambles, The Butlers, Gromz, Hot Donna and Albion Place are splitting bills that share an aesthetic built purely on feel good vibes and live instrumentation, with a retro type guitar sound and indie twist. And then there’s Jack Berry. His music is just not that at all, and yet he’s emerged from the same soil and shares stages with these types of bands. Instead we hear something tangential to the sounds of these Dunedin mainstays and perhaps more in-line with the very excellent fellow soul-crooner and Kiwi Noah Slee, the Tongan sensation signed to Majestic Casual. Or maybe we’re hearing it wrong? Either way, we think Jack Berry is worth keeping on your radar, and hope to hear some more tunes soon.