Spring Silver is a great listen if you miss the Smashing Pumpkins fuzz sound and can’t wait for Billy to make some new 90’s tunes. With just 38 Spotify listeners and one EP release, this project is easy to bone up on in 15 minutes or less-you’re getting in on the ground floor, people.

Guitars; despite the constant doomsday cries of the music media, artists still play them. “Keep The Peace” is a subtle reminder of what a marvelous invention a delay pedal with reverse can be when paired with 6 strings and some wood. Spring Silver’s first release (we think?) from the Maryland rocker on the totally obscure and potentially fictitious label Gay Rock, is a guitar, fuzz, delay soaked affair that makes us nostalgic for the early days of grunge and shoegaze, remixing those pallets with dabs of modern color. Spring Silver, itself a remix of the town Silver Springs, Maryland, channels a disaffected suburban malaise, feeling very much like a challenge to an aesthetically unchallenging environment somewhere in the coastal elite mid-Atlantic that probably doesnt feel very coastal or elite. Who is Spring Silver, really? We really have no fucking idea. We could have researched a bit more, but why bother? Let the kid reach out to us if he’s got such a great story to tell.