There are some projects that we honestly feel are divinely guided by forces too beautiful and grand for mortal cognition. There is a sense that the music didn’t develop, but was rather gifted, handed to musicians to deliver like a care package for the people. The Frightnrs is one of these projects.

There’s something inherently amazing about a Queens, NYC based band making original rocksteady music that feels as though it was recorded in the early days of modern reggae. We’re not the only ones to notice; The venerable Daptone Records rightfully seized on The Frightnrs sound and made some damn good recordings with them- recordings that delicately cup the studio air and faithfully deliver gentle, nuanced tones that seem impossibly vintage. Start with “Till Then” and listen to how vocals rise, fall and trail with the daft dynamism of perhaps, dare we say, Delroy Wilson. The recordings are “humid”, ripe with vibe and tone, and paint pictures that feel deeply personal and important.  And these tracks just DO NOT sound like they were cooked up in NYC.

Sadly the Frightnrs excellent lead singer Dan Klein passed in 2016 of ALS (or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”), making these recordings difficult to listen to at times for devotees. Dan was survived by a band of supremely competent, equally magical musicians in their own right, who were lucky enough to deliver this potent package for us to enjoy. We send thanks, love and encouragement to the Frightnrs, and invite them to come play at our venue in tribute to Dan whenever they like. And for you, our faithful readers, we suggest you hit play below and let the music explain what the clumsy syntax of the written word never could.