Anyone who has touched a guitar in the last year knows jazz refugee-cum-rising pop star  Tom Misch. If you don’t start by smashing the play button on “It Runs Through Me” below. Corey Wong (Vulfpeck, Stay Human, and his own project Corey Wong) is a household name in the funk and jam game. But the collabo they dropped today-which virtually nobody has heard- absolutely meets our Who The Fuck Is That Friday criteria. It’s a liberal application of our WTFITF standards, but we’re not ideologues- so relax people.

Apparently Tom was in LA  “doing some writing and creative exploration”, and got up with Corey for a hang. A few loose sketches turned into a progression, which turned into this pretty choice funk specimen captured on what seems to be separate drum and guitar tracking sessions. The thing bangs. The video is by far the shittiest we’ve seen in a while, in an endearing way. The professional camera used to film the drums seems to go out of its way to be shittier still, prosecuting a pedigree of poo that is admirable. Ultimately, the video means absolutely nothing. The simple funk lead line and the groove on this jam is shrink wrap tight, and anyone whose spent time in the hang knows that the Misch-Wong jam captured here is authentic, and is probably jealous they don’t have a famous guitar buddy to lay down a track like this with. But it’s Friday, so call up your homie, watch this collabo on Cosmic Sans, plug in and make some noise yourself.