Part of a good concert is making a memorable experience for the audience whether or not the crowd’s full of life-long fans, casual concert goers or have never even heard of the artist before. The experience I had when I went to cover Moon Duo at Great Scott in Boston was just that.

Opener Jackie Lynn had a white sheet hanging between the front of the stage and the front row of the audience accompanied by a projector behind the band that cast shadows onto the sheet. The results were very interesting. Jackie Lynn is an alias for musician Haley Fohr who has put out multiple albums as Circuit Des Yeux. There is a mysterious glow to Jackie Lynn because we never see her face which remains obscured by the sheet. The music is haunting but somehow leaves you tapping your toe to the electronic beat.

When it was time for Moon Duo to take the stage the sheet was moved behind the stage and their was a projector at the back of the room aimed at the stage. Images were cast onto crowd members, the performers and the stage creating a very strange depth perception paradigm. Moon Duo performed songs off their release Occult Architecture Vol. 1 including “the death set”, “Cold Fear” and “Creep”.


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