People ask us if this is a “blogazine”. Sort of.

DMNDR is a community of music lovers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, writers, curators and creators. Our objective is to connect, inspire and celebrate.

Our DMNDR family spans the whole world. Wherever you are, there’s a DMNDR contributor nearby.

Our blog celebrates great music and showcases the inspired work of the DMNDR community. It’s an experience that is carefully rendered and recorded — not posted hastily to “push out content”. It matters. And whenever possible, we want to collaborate with the artists and the DMNDR community to create, promote and distribute your work.

DMNDR is a little start up with spectacular ambitions. We believe everyone has a unique opportunity to leverage their talents and resources to an end of substantial societal benefit. We know that by expressing ourselves, we make sense of the human condition, giving clarity and voice to us all. DMNDR is dedicated to amplifying our shared voice, celebrating what is so very right in the world, indicting what is not, and sharing the things that move us. We implore you to relentlessly demand beauty and magic from the limitless reservoir of the universe. Make something. Live. We’ll be here to help and support.

If you want to collaborate or share your work with us,  please contact us here.