Mark U(Mark Ugbomah) was born and raised in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn. His father, himself a celebrated musician, was born in England to a Nigerian father and Jamaican mother. Mark attributes his love of music to his father. “I was around music so much growing up that it was second nature for me. My dad started off as a Dancehall/Reggae artist and steadily moved towards Ska, notably playing with the legendary Toasters”. His father traveled across the world as a performing artist with Mark in tow, leaving an indelible imprint.  He notes that his time with his father on tour shaped not only his sound but also expanded his cultural and social awareness.

Mark’s music is the sonic embodiment of this journey: a cosmopolitan, travelled, multitude of eclectic sounds are anchored by a uniquely soulful framework. His debut project, Context Through Colors, consolidates disparate experiences and connects with listeners on a deep, spiritual level. For Mark, music is simply a tool for authentic communication, and it’s success is measured by this standard alone. His goal is to instigate dialogue through creativity, an objective he sees as music’s underlying mission.

“Regardless of our differences, be they physical, religious, or ideological, our life experiences are more similar than different. Music consistently underscores this simple truth. Context Through Colors is my exploration of the plurality of truth, a call to action for listeners to look beyond binary rhetoric, and discover the unifying magic of music.” –Mark U