Soft Glas, the beautifully dreamy project from Joao Gonzalez, is a series of chimey, melodic micro-symphonies- this is particularly true of his 2017 release Orange Earth. The South Florida native, now a Brooklyn transplant, is the son of absolutely excellent Latin music legend Gonzalo Rubalcaba (who Dizzy Gillepsie called “the greatest pianist I’ve heard in the last 10 years”).  If  talent isn’t hereditary, this is some fantastic coincidence.  And if you’re thinking a super-talented father and son duo would be fun to record, so were they. Joao features Gonzalo on both ‘Woodside’ and ‘Riverside’. The Jazz DNA of “Riverside” is  especially obvious, and is underpinned by post-jazz/trap-jazz drums.

Soft Glas released the single “Noon” on Valentine’s Day this year, and we’re hopeful there’s some more work on the way.



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