Indie-pop duo Roan Yellowthorn’s will release their debut Indigo on September 28th. Hailing from upstate New York, the duo consists of songwriter Jackie McLean and her husband multi-instrumentalist Shawn Strack. A perfect marriage of shared passions, Indigo is a cohesive collection of full-bodied pop songs that feel more well developed than a typical debut.
Frontwoman Jackie McLean, daughter of Dan Mclean of “American Pie” fame, clearly has inherited a proclivity for lyrical craftsmanship. Despite this, she retains an individuality that separates her sound from her father’s; it is clear this album has been crafted by someone raised with a passion for music.
Yellowthorn’s musical influences can be felt throughout their soundscapes, with an intro reminiscent of Bright Eye’s mood-setting sampling. McLean’s lyrical delivery is full of Regina Spektor-like earnestness. The confessional lyricism marries perfectly with Shawn Strack’s bright, open instrumentals, graduating plantative singer-songwriter ballads into fully realized indie-pop. McLean’s lyrics explore topics of love and loss imbued with a sense of whimsy from Strack’s swelling strings and uplifting arrangements.

The couple have also independently produced two music videos for “Talk About It”, released in August, and “Lie”, released just last week.
Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles will present the duo on October 3rd, opening for Colin Devlin. DMNDR will be there keeping an eye on this promising new talent.