We gather in church to worship in community. From the pulpit the Priest raises his fist high above his head as multicolored lights graze the heads of the masses. A piercing silence is met with deafening cheers as the shadows of three figures emerge to preside over the ceremony, donning giant tiger helmets. This is Black Tiger Sex Machine, and this is their vision of “church”.


Black Tiger Sex Machine, abbreviated as BTSM, began an an inside joke between members Marc Chagnon, Julien Maranda and Patrick Barry, who then ran with the idea and began producing all forms of aggressive, dark electronic music. The three have since evolved from that point, officially releasing three EPs and countless collaborations on their own record label, Kannibalism records. Their tracks have been widely acclaimed by their continuously growing fan-base since 2012. It doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon. They’ve released their debut album, Welcome to our Church and are embarking on an epic tour with supporting acts Dabin and Kai Wachi. They’ve moved beyond whimsical late night discussions of electronic church, to actually doing it. And they’re making lots of converts out of musical atheists. I’m a believer, for one.


This tour, the fully realized, kinetic embodiment of their vision  titled “This is our Religion.” Will span across the U.S. and immerse audiences in the magic and mystery of pure bass perfection, topped with stunning post apocalyptic visuals unlike anything seen on previous BTSM tours. With the groups mixing styles touching on dubstep,  electro, drum and bass, and even hip-hop, each set will serve as a testament to the groups abilities to blend across every genre in the electronic realm. Whether you’ve been listening to EDM for years or have just started, BTSMs  “religion” tour is bound to make you a believer.


Oh, and don’t forget those tiger helmets. They’re pretty awesome too.


BTSM will make their stop in Philadelphia at the Fillmore on the 28th. Tickets and show details can be found here: http://www.thefillmorephilly.com/EventDetail?tmeventid=0200517BD9342017&offerid=39162