Vulfpeck is touring in support of their LP release “The Beautiful Game”, stopping in NYC’s Central Park to play a show with Eric Krasno and Lawrence. DMNDR’s soon-to-be- travelling-the-world-making-music contributor and former Director of Operations Damian Charles brought a camera and the sort of upbeat attitude only  a guy about to peace out of NYC can actually have in NYC to Central Park, and snapped some frames for your musical eyes to peep.

The gang is in town playing 3 sold-out nights at Brooklyn Bowl — now would be a good time to call in that favor from that friend that owes you a solid.

dat face doe

img_2669 img_2674 img_2683 img_2694 img_2700 img_2715 img_2736 img_2745 img_2748 img_2755 img_2757 img_2773Jack Foot

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