Sometimes music hits you in a certain way that leaves your ears hungry, craving for more. That’s how I felt when I was first introduced to Shaun Fleming’s project Diane Coffee at the end of last year. I had My Friend Fish on repeat constantly during my subway rides. I was sharing it with all of my friends. It was just radiating with this crazy blend of gritty sounds and energy I hadn’t experienced before – I was hooked.

So naturally I was beyond stoked when I heard that a tour was in the works to support his new album, Everybody’s A Good Dog (obsessed), which was just released in September. Luckily I was able to catch them last night at Bowery Ballroom.

It was best described as a little slice of magic.

Fleming and his band of “Good Dogs” took the stage dressed to the nines in a fantastic blend of 60/70’s fashion. Shaun was sporting glam sparkled eyes and lips emulating some sort of androgynous space creature in heels. They played a perfect blend of old and new tunes, much to my delight. From the very first chords of the opening “Hymn” they were ON. During the passionate song “Green,” with mic in hand, Fleming crooned face to face with the audience, begging and pleading on his knees. Another standout was “Soon To Be, Won’t To Be” which is my favorite off the new album – it’s a very dream-like ballad of longing. A rad music video just dropped for it, animated by Danny Lacy. They slowed things down a bit with the endearing “Not That Easy” and then ended on a fiery high note with “New Years.” As a frontman, Fleming’s charisma is contagious as he flashes a cheery smile between songs with humble thanks. His vocal range is stunning and meticulously on point even throughout all of his energetic theatrics – a true showman.

After the show I chatted with Fleming for a bit about his life on the road. For him, this tour comes after a very long tour drumming with Foxygen, the psych-pop band, earlier this year. It seems exhausting to me but Fleming was as pleasant and enthusiastic as ever, looking forward to what comes next. He’s grateful for the support of his talented bandmates who worked very hard in a short time to create this powerhouse of a show. We also spoke about his experience performing a Tiny Desk Concert earlier this week for NPR. “It was surreal…It was always a dream of mine.” They added a whole string section in addition to their line-up and he said it so emotional that he was moved to tears. Now that he’s crossed that dream off his bucket list, he joked that he needs to add more to it. The possibilities are endless as to what the future will hold for Diane Coffee but I am certain it will only be great things! I can’t wait.