“If I have to wait any longer, I swear my ovaries are going to dry up, these guys better be fucking worth the decline of my genitals”

To answer your first question, yes that is an actual quote from one of the many impatient voices that filled Brooklyn’s Rough Trade Monday night, as a sold out crowd waited not so patiently for Miami Horror.

After a 20 minute delay, the lights dimmed and within seconds Miami Horror reminded everyone what they were waiting for. To compensate their impatient yet enthusiastic fans, they opened up their set with arguably their most popular tracks back to back, “I look to You” and “Holiday”.

Miami Horror did not give anyone in Rough Trade a chance to breathe or take a break, they injected everyone with their much needed dose of disco and funked every single person all night long.

Their funk filled set alternated between hits off their 2010 release “Illumination” and their most recent album “All Possible Futures”. In between tracks, the band thumped right into psychedelic instrumental jams.

If you were to look around Rough Trade, not one body was still. Not even the bartenders or the security guards. The sound guys were even bopping their heads. It is not possible to be still when you are being audibly fed this sweet disco from down under for an for an hour and a half.

My only regret of the night is not being able to ask that girl, if Miami Horror was worth the “decline of her genitals”.