This track was recorded in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey in 63 on Burrell’s Midnight Blue. A seamless mix of jazz and blues meshed to create an album that serves as a mile-marker in the evolution of both genres, an homage to the shared heritage of two distinctively American musical styles that still impose their will on music today. In this way Midnight Blue stands as the intersection of two great musical conduits, the I-80 turn off to I-95, Route 66 impossibly crossing the PCH, the merging of fabled US music history travelling towards some far off destination.

In “Mule” The bass line comes in like a pulsing groan. The clean and calming twang of Kenny’s guitar attempts to settle down the churning low end with meticulous plucks across the fretboard, organizing the deeper octaves into measured waves that suddenly gives way to a surfing sax. The guitar converts into a bird, floating over the cresting surf before transforming again into a dolphin skimming the long arc of a Peruvian left, building and building but not breaking, with that guitar flying through the barrel effortlessly. Finally it just dives beneath the equally calm and powerful surge before it disappears into the sea.