Hit Play on this Playlist and read Gina Rullo’s recap of  The Pack a.d.’s show at Kung Fu Necktie below:


“edgy and ferocious…”

Punk rock was in full force at Kung Fu Necktie this past week. Vancouver duo The Pack A.D. brought their edgy and ferocious punches to Philly in support of their upcoming LP, Positive Thinking. While the new record has already been released in Canada, it’s due out in the U.S. on 11/11 (though they did have copies for sale at the show on Wednesday).


“A speaker literally toppled over on the stage”

The Pack A.D. is comprised of singer and guitarist Becky Black who had to endure a few mid-show show adjustments, and drummer Maya Miller. Though Maya crushed the drums like the boss that she is, a comedy career could also be in her future. She definitely knew how to work a room in-between songs with quick improvisational timing and witty banter.

A speaker literally toppled over on the stage in the middle of a song but luckily no one was harmed. This minor malfunction did not phase the crowd as the energetic dancing and continual hair flips remained strong.

Their sound remains pure to punk and garage rock giving off Ramones’ vibes, and some blues undertones at times. They even covered “I Was A Teenage Werewolf” by The Cramps.

These are two bad ass women that rock you harder than the first cradle your mom put you into.