It was a hot summer night as fans filed into the packed AFI show. As the lights in WMA dimmed, the crowd began chanting “Through our bleeding, we are one” — a line from the song “Strength Through Wounding”.

AFI opened with the track “Miss Murder,” sending fans screaming and reaching over the front barricade. The song’s EMO/RYTHMIC nature, brought a sense of nostalgia from the early 2000’s scene.

The energy would build as they went straight into “The Leaving Song Pt. II.” It was written on the faces of fans that they weren’t just here for the old classics, but when “Girl’s Not Grey” followed, the crowd at WMA became uncontrollably ecstatic. AFI’s setlist was beautifully diverse, with tracks from a total of 8 albums.

While Davey Havok jumped across the stage all night, the best moment of his stage presence came after stepping out from the stage and into the crowd, where the fans reached for him in a God-like fashion as he belted out with his powerhouse voice. This was a perfect ending to a rock show on a hot Nashville night.

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