I discovered Nashville’s own Basecamp on the Majestic Casual YouTube channel . The electro trio’s  song “Esc” became an instant favorite of mine and I wanted to know more about them. Basecamp consists of three producers bring a special sort of Nashville vibe with a dope & unique sound of its own. Formed in June 2013, this amazing project has birthed a sonic space somewhere between R&B and Lo fi electronic Music. Their debut eponymously titled EP was self released in the summer 2013 and later followed by the Greater than Ep in 2015. The Concert at Exit/in was a really amazing experience both musically and visually, with Opening acts like Krovi and Shallou, expanding my musical vocabulary and setting the stage for a great night. Also Music city’s own Krovi graced the Exit/in stage with his collab with Lambda Celsius, creating this amazing mix of 80’s pop & soul. This music made a lasting impression on me and instantly created a new fan. Shallou gave more electronic vibes that also filled my ears with house and soulful lyrics.


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