Last night Rough Trade NYC was the most packed I’d ever seen it– with the crowd filling the entire floor and spilling into the balcony for some much needed space. I’d never seen Psychic Twin or Ladyhawke before, but something told me they were going to be great. Psychic Twin took the stage first. Erin Fein (vocals, keyboard) and Rosana Caban (drums) wowed with their surreal dream pop, as Fein opened up to the audience about her own dreams. The lyrics and music combined made for what felt like an out-of-body experience. If Psychic Twin took us out of this world, Ladyhawke brought us back to Earth. Her more classic rock influence brought faster beats and catchy tunes, as she had the crowd mouthing the lyrics and dancing along. Her featured album Wild Things was released June 3rd.

Ladyhawke-1 Ladyhawke-2 Ladyhawke-3 Ladyhawke-4 Ladyhawke-5 Psychic TwinPsychic Twin-1 Psychic Twin-2 Psychic Twin-3 Psychic Twin-4 Psychic Twin-5