Just yesterday I was lucky enough to see New Myths and their three openers at Rough Trade NYC. Cosmonaut and Field Trip each brought a fair amount of friends so the crowd was never lacking in cheers, jokes, and a chummy vibe to accompany the garage-indie-rock-pop amalgam that blended together so well. The bands seemed totally at home and comfortable with the crowd and each other, as they played for themselves as much as the audience. Total Slacker took the night in a different direction. With six years since their 2010 debut to perfect their style, it was no surprise they awed the crowd with their psychedelic mood and half-spoken vocals. The headlining trio once again shifted the tone with a driving bass, drum, and electronic set. Brit Boras (vocals, guitar), Marina Ross (vocals, bass), and Rosie Slater (vocals, drums) both calmed and pumped up the crowd with floating melodies and lively beats. Their album Give Me Noise was released 2014.

New Myths-1 New Myths-2 New Myths-3 New Myths-4 New Myths-5 New Myths-6 New Myths-7 New Myths-8


CosmonautCosmonaut-2 Cosmonaut-3 Cosmonaut-4 Cosmonaut-5 Cosmonaut-6

Total Slacker

Total Slacker-1 Total Slacker-2 Total Slacker-3 Total Slacker-4 Total Slacker-5

Field Tripfield trip-1 field trip-2 field trip-3 field trip-4