Last night the Brooklyn based dream-pop powerhouse that is St. Lucia returned to New York to play the first night of their two night stint at Terminal 5; And it was a sold out sensation! The stage was sprinkled with various forms of cacti and instruments, even including a giant gong! From the moment that Jean-Philip Grobler (the artist behind the project) hopped out onto the stage the energy level exploded to the max. Jean and the band can straight put on a show; they use the entire stage as their canvas as they rock through the set, all the while illuminated by their kick-ass light show. At one point Jean went over the barrier and joined the crowd as they sang along with him; smiles-a-plenty. A good night with fun, feel-good tunes — a night well spent. Catch them tonight at Terminal 5 if you can score tickets!img_1469 img_1471 img_1483 img_1493 img_1496 img_1505 img_1515 img_1520 img_1528 img_1533 img_1542 img_1543 img_1550 img_1555 img_1563 img_1566 img_1572 img_1579 img_1583 img_1594 img_1596 img_1600 img_1604 img_1610 img_1614 img_1615 img_1622 img_1630 img_1636 img_1648