-Lil NasOld Town Road is ripping up the charts like a pitbull on meth at a cat kennel. Facts. But Did y’all see this bullshit about Lil Nas X “Postmating” Billy Ray Cyrus a Maserati? People. It’s 2019. 7 weeks of chart top topping domination doesn’t net enough cash to pay for an oil change on a Maserati. And that’s really fucked up, but it’s also not the point we’re making here.

If Postmates and Maserati wants to pay for a Lil Nas X publicity stunt, cool. But if you’re gonna front like Lil Nas X just broke a crumb off his royalty checks to bless Billy Ray, 2 things need to be corrected “posthaste”, Postmates.

  1. Billy Needs Acting Lessons. Dude is about as believable as Donald Trump describing how he is “self made”. C’mon.
  2. The music industry has to be renovated. By our calculations Lil Nas X has probably made less than $100k GROSS on that track before paying out fees ( which will easily exceed 60%), BEFORE splitting with producers and collaborators. So unless he scooped that whip for $20k….GTFOH