Australian musician and mystery man Alex Cameron (formerly of the project Seekae) has been working on his solo journey, most recently releasing his debut album ‘Jumping the Shark’ back in August. On it you will find carefully crafted tales of interesting characters surrounded by old-school synths, with Alex’s deep, croony voice as narrator. Two of my favorites are “The Comeback” and “Take Care of Business”.

This past week he opened up for Angel Olsen when she played New York, so I was excited to catch his solo show at Aviv in Brooklyn. He graced the stage with the help of his good friend and business partner, Roy Molloy, who would rise from his perch periodically to assist on saxophone. It was reminiscent of an old night club off the Vegas strip. With confidence and ease Alex sauntered and danced through each song, brandishing a golden microphone — his intense stare overlooking the packed house. It was a spectacle that I hope to catch again.

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