“Come dance with us!” is Salt Cathedral’s signature plea to the audience, and boy did they get us dancing at the Knitting Factory.  This was my second time catching the duo of Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada aka Salt Cathedral in Brooklyn and I loved their performance even greater this go-around.

With dance being an overarching theme in their music and in their lyrics (e.g. the songs Move Along and Unraveling), they incorporated a new element into their show that embodied the theme. A dancer wearing a red Adidas track-suit (see photos below!) came out and performed a beautiful routine as an introduction to Salt Cathedral. She set the tone for the show and I thought it was a great little addition that really put the concert in motion.  

Their musical styling is a mixture of electronic dance influenced by some tropical sounds. It’s perfect to get an audience especially in an intimate venue to move their feet and join in on the fun of the music. Salt Cathedral went through all of their hits including their latest release Always There When I Need You which has amassed more than six million plays on Spotify. They even did an electronic cover of Say My Name, which the crowd loved and shouted along the lyrics to.

I fell in love with these guys due to their pulsating music and I’d say that it definitely resonated during their performance. I can’t wait until they release new music, but I’m certainly going to continue following them and try to catch them when they come back around to the New York area.



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