LA natives Touché Amoré hit Terminal 5 This week, bringing with them a gritty post-hardcore sound that, frankly, NYC really needs to hear. DMNDR’s Patrick Tabb managed to document the night in this appropriately black and white treated gallery.


Sonically Touché Amoré offer a fuzz driven, but cleanly arranged audio canvass for lead singer Jeremy Bolm to vandalize with his razor blade vocals. Give them a listen and you’ll feel the angst and compression of a bygone NYC; close your eyes and you can imagine CBGB’s as something more than a luxury clothing store. Open your eyes and vomit directly on your designer sneakers- you’re in post-Manhattan Manhattan and these guys from Burbank are the grittiest thing we’ve heard since the L train shutdown announcement. This is my sad face Emoji next to my hands praying to thank Touché Amoré emoji.cmdx0001 cmdx0015 cmdx0021 cmdx0039 cmdx0049 img_1758 img_1766 img_1774 img_1796 img_1809 img_1811 img_1819 img_1822