Remember when your Facebook feed featured the now famous photo of MIA drummer Kiran Gandhi running the London Marathon with no tampon? How’s about when poetess Rupi Kaur posted a photo on Instagram depicting a period stain and Instagram reviled/removed it before reposting/recanting? Both women found themselves in the middle of viral media mayhem, splitting opinion between those condemning their actions as disgusting and others who supported what they saw as a meaningful step towards destigmatizing menstruation. For the record, you should definitely support these women (and their art), not condemn them — but more on that after the jump.

Rupi and Kiran were linked together by NFCC and Bushtember, two non for profits focused on women’s rights who arranged for them to meet here at DMNDR. They collaborated on a song for their joint campaign, #LetsFaceItPeriod, which aims to foster a flow of conversation around menstruation and raise funds to support the menstrual health of 23,000 girls globally. The resulting piece titled “Sun Spills” was made entirely in a few hours, from scratch, the very first time the two women met. It’s special because it unites two creative forces that really belong together, and in so doing creates a sort of auto-support loop and amplification system for both artists and women’s rights. Watching their talent meld together feels a certain way, and we hope it’ll happen again. Maybe here at DMNDR?

NFCC and Bushtember saw an opportunity here to bring women’s rights to the fore with this collaboration, and hope that the attention will drive donations which in turn bring sanitary products to thousands of women who literally can’t afford to menstruate. Or worse. In Nepal, for instance, the women they service are banished by their families to outdoor “menstrual huts” each month, where they are forced to use leaves and sand in place of tampons. Often times while sleeping in the huts, they are attacked by animals or fall victim to sexual predators. This of course is totally fucking ridiculous, and you can throw a couple bucks at this problem and make it go away. So please, do so.

Check out the video, and make a donation.